Max Pro Institute

Our goal is to be agents of change. This mission can grow to bring positive change to the greater economy. We believe that “there is nothing more expensive in life and business than distrust.” We find a lot of “distrust pricing” in commercial insurance. Carriers often get inaccurate information from brokers about insured companies and this leads to increased rates. Business owners are the ones who pay when the insurance industry fails to be honest, accurate and well intentioned.

We are building an education platform to empower business owners. This is manifested in a growing library of resources. Primarily in the following videos that explain the often complicated world of commercial insurance and risk management. These will guide business owners to a better understanding of risk management and insurance programs. Also we want to help them identify the right brokers who are trustworthy, honest and competent.

Video Library

No Known Loss Letter

Warehouse Legal Liability

Employment Practices Liability

How Is General Liability Rated?

How Is Workers Comp Rated?

Directors & Officers Insurance

Workers Comp Primary & Excess Split Points

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

The Phoenix Broker

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