MaxPro understands construction. We have worked with every major industry subtype and thrive in providing options for the most challenging risks. Our thorough underwriting process allows us to go into extreme detail in negotiations with carriers and programs to cover every type of risk and scenario correctly. Our variety of services are tailored to best meet the needs of you and your company. We are here to help with everything from establishing goals and creation of an action plan, to the overall analysis and breakdown of your company’s safety programs, HR practices, administration protocol, risk mitigation, setting up efficient work flow processes, claims management, and much more.

Distribution & Wholesaling

MaxPro has helped many large warehousing companies correctly identify risks and build risk management plans that are appropriate for their specific industry and operations. There are so many products moving throughout Southern California every day. Those who pack, ship, transport and process them are the unsung heroes that provide the lifeblood for any large metropolitan area to exist. We support this great endeavor by being an on demand full spectrum resource for companies that never stop working hard so we can all live the lifestyles we want.


MaxPro is the cannabis insider’s insurer. We have a deep understanding of the history, culture, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. We also have the insurance contacts and knowledge to help create a better, more economical and more protective environment for the industry to thrive. Our team has had extensive experience inside the industry and can speak to the specific environments and unique demands companies face when dealing with legalization, insurance and risk management.


MaxPro works in the heart of Los Angeles, where there is a diverse and vibrant manufacturing economy. Whether in food, garment, furniture, aerospace, chemical, paper goods, equipment, electronics, metal, printing, etc. MaxPro has the resources, understanding and operations team to put together a cost effective and robust risk management plan. We love to see manufacturing and heavy industries taking place in the United States and we work hard to support that initiative by helping make business be as pain free as possible for our clients.


Max stands for Maximum: you get our best efforts and access to our top resources every time. We will not waste our prospect’s, client’s or partners' time. PRO stands for the parts of a business that we protect: People, Resources and Operations. We write all lines of commercial insurance and have programs for employee benefits, risk management, HR and safety. It also stands for things that business owner’s value most: a good Price for their policies, Relationship with a proactive and honest broker and Objectives that match their goals and vision for business success.



You may have a great relationship with your current broker and you may not. You may have had them for 30 years or just tried working with them this year. Regardless of these factors, there are some tried and true standards that you should demand from whomever is handling your risk management and commercial insurance.

  • They dig deeply through your current policies and are always checking to see that you have the coverages you need based on your industry, business procedures and all other risk variables that are specific to your company. We often find gaps when working with prospective new clients.
  • They negotiate firmly with carriers and underwriters and pull from a wide array of options to present the best choices for your specific company profile. Many brokers reach out to block the market from competitors but then simply put the submission through a few carriers that they usually work with. This level of apathy and laziness should never be tolerated. Some very experienced brokers will already have a good idea of who the best carrier options are based on experience and can therefore streamline the submission process somewhat, but it is always better to have a broker who errs on the side off being proactive and thorough.
  • They keep you informed about what is going on with your policy and situation, such as explaining increases in your workers compensation x-mod number and guiding you through the renewal process each year.