The Phoenix Broker

We are creating a movement of brokers around the country that hold to much higher standards than the industry status quo in commercial insurance. We have called this the “Phoenix” and have chosen our company logo for the same reason. However, this image and ideal are much larger than our company.

We believe that a broker who delivers a policy ill equipped to manage the full risk exposure of a company is committing malpractice. A broker who does this willingly as a way of winning a deal on price or speed is committing fraud. Unfortunately we see both happening far too often in our industry. The good news is that a phoenix is rising from the ashes to bring a revolution in professional risk management.

The way of the phoenix is to look at risk management differently than the status quo broker. The Phoenix broker does not just want his clients to buy some insurance policies from him, he wants them to have a comprehensive and successful risk management program they can depend on no matter what happens in the life of their business. Well designed policies are among the tools that he uses to protect and serve his clients, but they are just the beginning of the value he delivers to his clients.

The goal of the Phoenix broker is to overwhelm clients with value so they can thrive, but there’s a catch: it will require some work on the part of the business owner to provide the information needed to do things right. Correct knowledge and company data is necessary to provide the right analysis and guidance. Only those who are willing to put in the work can get the industry best results.

The Phoenix broker will never make up information about a company or fudge data when he constructs his plans for clients. He will get to know the client’s company fully so he can provide the best guidance and protection. No one will outwork or outsmart him when it comes to helping the client’s business thrive! And yet, with the right team based approach and trusted relationships with underwriters in the industry the Phoenix broker can still provide 15-30% cost savings over competitors. Better AND less expensive.